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So I’m sure that you’ve all seen Count von Count on Sesame Street. Additionally, we all know his purpose on the show is to teach those tuning in to count. While many may think that this is a compulsion that the Count alone has, the ideology of the counting vampire / fairy creature is one that permeates folklore as a way to impede their progress and keep them from their intended victims. Here, I offer you some info about the matter.


The idea behind this counting compulsion is that if a vampire or fairy creature came upon a large number of something like pebbles, salt grains, or any number of other things they would have to count ever last crumb before they could continue.  Due to the minute nature of some products and their innumerable nature, something like salt or sand could keep the vampire busy for a long time allowing the person being chased to escape or to kill the vampire in question.

Count von Count plays upon this ideology to some degree because he must count things that he comes into contact with. While it’s not the massive compulsion that some folklore vampires have, he is still occupied on the show with the necessity of counting, and in doing this, he provides a good role model for children… well, without the folkloric connotation of course. However, I just thought about this and wanted to share with those who love vampires out there. I’m going to continue pondering what ties he has to the folkloric nature of the vampire (because let’s face it with it being a children’s show… things are going to be changed greatly…).