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Today, while trying to put an ear worm in my friend’s head, I played Bananarama’s “Venus” video because it is an extreme catchy tune and the 80s videos were quite entertaining. However, in watching this video myself, I came across an interesting portion of the video that made me pause for a second. If you’re unfamiliar with Bananarama’s cover of the Shocking Blue‘s hit, they sing about a figure, Venus, who basically serves as her namesake the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Yet what is the most intriguing about all of this is the fact that in Bananarama’s video they show versions of this figure that occupies both the traditional modes of beauty (one of them actually dresses as Botticelli’s Venus from “The Birth of Venus“) and non-traditional dominatrix type figures.

It was in this video that I came across two very different models of the female vampire. One is the innocent in white being let out of her coffin by a savior, who she will invariably feast upon. The other is a sexy capped individual with a bat wing-like cape and tight leather bodice. Additionally, this second vampire has a passel of loincloth clad subservient men.  These interpretations of the vampiric female s are always intriguing because it seems that rarely are there any that exist between this dichotomy. The vampiric female is either the presumed innocent or the sexpot. There is not usually a lot of in between. So there you have the vampires in odd places of today… Enjoy the video, and if you see some vampires in odd places, let me know.