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While the following list does try to be truthful to the comparison, it is also just for fun, so please, no stakings for it. I hope you enjoy (Also, be forewarned that I wrote this with a *Budum Chi* symbol sound coming after .

10. Vampires don’t rot (Whew, the stench of these walking dead people is making me start to crave brains).

9. When vampires feed, they’re not nearly as gross as zombies (Intestines and brain matter do not fly with the vamps).

8. Vampires are a crafty sort (Zombies are lucky to stumble into food).

7. Vampires are solitary creatures that are selective about who they turn (Zombies will let any and everyone into their club).

6. Vampires have celebrities among them such as Dracula, Carmilla, Lord Ruthven, etc. (Literary history gives us no prominent zombie figures… except the ones that start the outbreak).

5. One vampire can take down a horde of adventurers (Zombies usually need a horde to take down one adventurer).

4. A specific skill set is needed to take down vampires (Zombies can be beaten by any Tom, Dick, Harry, or head shot).

3. Vampires live forever or near to forever and usually remain youthful doing so (Due to the aforementioned rotting issue, zombies will eventually either be a lot less attractive / mobile or waste away to nothingness… BLEAK!)

2. Vampires have literally existed longer in the literary heritage because of their deep roots in folklore (Zombies are relatively new and sometimes stink of the rotted, fleshy newness. . .even to their allegorical meanings).

1. Vampires are intelligent and remain so throughout eternity (Zombies live for the flesh and nothing more… and then, they quite living when the food supply runs out).

There you have it. Vampires are definitely way cooler than zombies, even though I like both to some degree. However, viva la vampire!!!