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By Uploaded to Commons by Xeworlebi, self created [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

If you follow my other blog (Bleh with Barry… *shameless plug*), you know that I have an addiction a love of HBO’s True Blood and the books that sired it. Usually, I do this update on my thoughts about the season thus far on my other blog at least a couple of times during the run of the season. However, after starting this blog dedicated to vampires, I think that it’s appropriate to move the posts over here. So without further ado, I give you my thoughts on season 5 of True Blood as of episode 6, and to try and keep negatives / positives balanced, I’ll try to go one by one.

Positive 1) The Authority reveals their faces and we deal with the aftermath of the last seasons– Honestly, this might  be one of the more exciting points for me this season. They have touted the Vampire Authority for the past several seasons through Nan Flanagan, the Magister, Russell Edgington (“Fuck the Authority” … had to quote it), etc. Yet now, we finally see Roman, Salome, and the others in all their bureaucratic glory and analyze how their vampiric government functions. Moreover, we are also able to see what happens from the Russell / Witch incidents that Eric and Bill have been in the middle of. From being interrogated about their allegiances to the iStakes, we are seeing how the Authority deals with those it feels have been disobedient vampire citizens.

Negative 1) Terry Bellefluer and Shawn from Scrubs— I know that Scott Foley is playing Patrick, but I will forever remember him as Shawn the dolphin trainer on Scrubs. This is beside the point however. I’m not a fan of the ifrit story line simply because it has nothing to do with the main story whatsoever at this point beside the fact that Terry is involved. I’m all for character expansion, yet I think that True Blood may be overstepping its plot arcs with this one… maybe they’ll tie it back. Who knows? I would also like to point out that Pam’s “spell died when Marney died”… Marney’s spell was a curse on Pam; thereby, by the show’s logic, the curse on the army guys should not be there since the woman died… Hate to poke holes in things, but this bothered me.

Positive 2) Handling the Fairies a bit better– Honestly, the weird Fairy story arc where they were going to harvest humans was completely weird. I’m glad that they’re streamlining it to Hooligan’s (Claude’s fairy strip club). It’s interesting to me to see what they’re doing, especially since they’re pulling ideas from the later books in the series to expand upon the universe this early (like Hunter Hadley’s little boy and the idea that the flood didn’t kill Sookie’s parents… don’t know about the whole “vampires did it” thing though). It’ll be intriguing to see how they handle all this.

Negative 2) Trying to make me care about Tara– I love Pam, so much that I’m writing a conference paper over her that I will deliver in September. Making her turn Tara into a vampire did not make sense to me in terms of Pam’s character (besides lording over Tara), but additionally, even though I love Pam, I still don’t give a crap about Tara. Also, the whole  self-loathing / suicidal thing that they’re trying to do with her just makes me go “Maybe this time she will really be dead.” After the first season, True Blood lost me on Tara… she’s gotten perpetually more whiny (sometimes rightly so… that’s a little debatable) and annoying.

Positive 3) Shifter / Werewolf plots– I’m okay with what they’re doing with the shifters and weres for the first time in a while. Without Sam’s family, a sense of normality has fallen back over Bon Temps for him, even though someone is apparently able to sense shifters and is attacking them as a result (another supe mayhaps?). I’m sad to see both Sam and Luna get shot by the fanatics, but it’s more interesting than what they’ve done with Sam in a while. Moreover, Alcide’s role in the overall scheme of things with the vampires, Sookie, and the shifters is quite interesting. I kind of feel where they’re going with the whole thing. However, I’m keeping my ideas to myself just in case my inkling is completely wrong…

Negative 3) Hoyt’s folly– While I liked Hoyt a lot up until the blow up over Jessica, I can see that Hoyt might reach the breaking point wherein he becomes a fang-banger… However, I feel like this is a step back for the character that had been quite independent thinking and strong-willed over the past couple of seasons (he left his mom and told her off completely… beat up on Jason… etc.) Now, he looks like a reject from an 80s group (the purple cut off shirt and red tie on top of all black)… the only reason I can think that they’re going to do this is to give Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) an exit via killing by extremists and ripping our hearts out as a result… I feel that we’ve all come to love that baby vamp.

Positive 4) Russell “Fucking” Edgington– Here’s Russell (cue eerie music and face pressed against a hole in a door a la The Shining). While Marney and her crazy necromancer self was intimidating in an off way, Russell Edgington was a villain to be remembered from season 3, and now that he’s returned, it looks to be quite awesome, especially since he seems to be the puppet master pulling the strings of some of the Authority members… I’m excited to see what occurs with him and who it turns out will be the one who rescued him (I’m placing me bets on Salome being his child… all I’m saying…). Besides, it looks like a war is brewing with him at its epicenter. Like he says, “Peace is for pussies.”

Positive 5) PAM!!!!!!! — As I’ve mentioned previously in this post, I love Pam. This season has been spectacular thus far in its usage of her (whether I agree with all of it or not is beside the point). From letting her be a maker or showing us how Eric made her, she’s being used excellently while still including her trademark wit and cynicism. I don’t know that I can say much more about her because I will gush; however, I’m excited to see what they’re going to do with her as the season continues down the back 6 (except for the terrible crimped hair… I don’t know why they’re trying to bring back bad 80s / 90s fashion on her this season… but they need to stop that shit…).

Well, this post just shows me that I’m finding more interesting things this season. Hopefully, the overall power of the season will continue as they go on the fast-paced jaunt to get to the end of the season and the climax overall… Yep… oh… I also feel it necessary to mention in closing that the Lafayette story is pretty okay too just because it includes Alfre Woodard as his mom, and she’s fantastic. Here’s hoping a good last six!